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Skinless chicken, extra lean burgers and steaks – have you been there, done that? If you’re health-conscious, but not willing to sacrifice great flavor, TenderBison® is the meat for you. We invite you to re-ignite your taste buds and whittle your waistline away!

Bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken, pork, lamb and beef. It has 30% more protein and is higher in iron content than other red meat. It is somewhat sweet in taste – and melt-in-your-mouth tender juicy. Simply put, bison is the original, healthy red meat. Delicious and nutritious.

Formed in 1993 and located in the great plains of North Dakota, North American Bison Cooperative (NABC) is a 330-member cooperative of ranchers from the United States and Canada. We are a producer and processor of bison meat. Our products are available in retail stores as well as fine restaurants coast-to-coast. Whether shopping or dining, ask for the TenderBison® brand. We are a vertically-integrated, values-driven company dedicated to customer satisfaction and healthy eating.

Treat yourself to the good taste of TenderBison® - eating is believing.

Tender Bison Babe
Julie Foote, Authorized Reseller, TenderBison brand bison meats.

The ‘Tender Bison Babe’

By Justin R. Lessman

Just call Julie Foote the “Tender Bison Babe.” She doesn’t mind. 

In fact, that’s her marketing handle as a sales representative for TenderBison, the brand of naturally raised bison meat produced by members of the North American Bison Cooperative. 

Foote, of rural Worthington, has been the “Tender Bison Babe” for the past two years, drawn to the business by the opportunity to do her “own thing,” as well as by the reputation of the product. 

“Not only does bison taste good, it’s good for you,” Foote said. 
Bison tastes similar to natural beef, Foote said, but is sweeter and more tender. 

“It’s a very rich-tasting meat,” she said. “Some people who haven’t had bison before have this perception that it’s tough or gamey. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is tender, flavorful and delicious.”

Not to mention healthy. 

“Bison is one of the most nutritious meats you can eat,” Foote said. “It’s lean — even leaner and healthier than skinless chicken — and is packed full of good omegas.” 

What makes TenderBison meat stand apart is how it is raised, Foote said. 

“TenderBison meat is all-natural, coming from premium-grade, ranch-raised, grain-finished bison,” she said. 

By “all-natural,” Foote said, the NABC means raised under a unique “Never-Ever-Growth-Hormone-and-No-Antibiotic” program. 

“Additionally, all our animals are raised on a vegetarian diet that is free of animal byproducts and hormones, allowing them to mature naturally,” she said. “It is non-allergenic and a more easily digested red meat.” 

More than 300 NABC member ranchers from across the United States and Canada — including one in nearby Reading — raise the bison that become TenderBison meat products. 

“They are range-fed until the first two weeks prior to packaging, at which point they are fed grain, which makes the meat sweet,” Foote said. 

All bison are then shipped to the NABC’s central processing plant in New Rockford, N.D., a state-of-the-art facility where the meat is packaged under strict Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point policies and procedures. It is the only U.S. Department of Agriculture- and European Union-approved dedicated bison processing facility in the United States. 

Once packaged, the TenderBison meat is ready to be shipped — fresh or frozen — to clients around the world. Foote markets to primarily two types of customers — restaurants and residential. 

“We ship two-day delivery to the door,” she said. 

The demand for bison has steadily grown over the years, Foote said, reaching a fever pitch as of late as more health-conscious consumers discover its benefits. 

Foote said she is also able to offer other unique proteins such as lamb, venison, ostrich and even alligator, though bison remains her main focus. 

“I always wanted to do my own thing — something that was wholesome and high-quality and made in America,” she said. “Becoming the ‘Tender Bison Babe’ has allowed me to do that.”