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Bison Products

Sample specials:

Ground Bison 90/10, 1 lb bricks - $9.25

Bison Patty, 3/1, 1 lb packs - $9.50

Individual Cut Ribeye, 12 to 16 oz - $10 to $12

Tomahawk Steaks, 30 to 36 oz - $20/lb

On Hand

Cases delivered to your door step!

Ground Bricks (90/10) - case of 12, 1 lb packs, net weight 12 lbs = 9.25/lb

Patties (1/3 lb)- 3 per 1 lb pack, 36 patties case, net weight 12 lbs = 9.25/lb

Brats & Hot Dogs:

100% Bison Hot Dogs 27 oz

Club Pack - 15 packs (180 hot dogs), net weight 26lb - $9.25/lb

Family Pack - 4 bags/2.5 lbs (64 hot dogs), net weight 10lb - $9.25/lb


Bison Brats with Beef mix - 12oz, case of 12, net weight 9lb - $9.25/lb

Brats& Hot Dogs:

100% Bison Hot Dogs 27 oz

Club Pack - 15 packs (180 hot dogs), net weight 26lb - $9.25/lb

Family Pack - 4 bags/2.5 lbs (64 hot dogs), net weight 10lb - $9.25/lb

 Bison Brats with Beef mix - 12oz, case of 12, net weight 9lb - $9.25/lb


T-Bone Steak – 14-16oz, case of 8 cuts, $170.00

Random Cut Ribeyes - individually wrapped, case of 18 to 22 cuts, $14.00/lb



Chuck Roast - 1 to 1.5 lbs, case of 6, net weight 9lbs - $12.35/lb

2 Day UPS Delivery to your door

Preparation Guide, Cooking Suggestions And Recipes!


Bison meat has more protein and iron than beef. Bison also contains Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthier nutritional lifestyle.

Available in all primal cuts, ground, burgers and specialty products. 

Call Julie for a quote: (507) 360-9651



Does bison have a gamey taste?  Many consumers assume that bison has a gamey flavor…this could not be further from the truth.  Most people describe the flavor as sweeter than beef with a melt-in-your mouth tenderness.


Why does all-natural bison meat cost more than beef? The fact that no growth hormones are administered, allowing the animals to grow naturally, is the main contributor to cost. This extended maturity time results in more feed and longer care. 


What are TenderBison animals fed?  Our bison are pasture-raised for the majority of their lives, and finished on a grain ration. This results in meat that is consistently tender, with a more mellow taste than grass-fed bison. The grain ration is 100% vegetarian and contains no animal by-products.


Are there any other unique characteristics of bison meat? It is non-allergenic and a more easily digested red meat. It is interesting to note there has never been a case of cancer detected in bison. Shark is the only other meat with this claim.


What makes TenderBison meat better than other bison products? NABC is one of only a few vertically-integrated bison companies in the United States.  Having member ranchers allows control of the process and the ability to trace  animals back to their origin. The Cooperative owns their own harvesting facility in New Rockford, ND – and state-of-the-art processing facility in Fargo, ND. This ensures more control over how the animal is treated and processed.  These facilities are USDA, EU and Halal inspected and approved.  The cooperatives employs their own Quality Assurance staff and processes on site to ensure consistency and quality.

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 Doctor Oz's Anti-Cancer Shopping List

Vegetables & Fruits

  •  leafy greens
  •  brussels sprouts
  •  tomatoes
  •  beets
  •  carrots
  •  sweet potatoes
  •  squash
  •  broccoli
  •  onions, leeks, shallots
  •  mushrooms
  •  lentils
  •  peppers: bell, jalapeno
  •  spinach
  •  oranges
  •  grapefruit
  •  lemon
  •  lime
  •  apples
  •  berries - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
  •  apricots
  •  pomegranates
  •  mango

Whole Grains

  •  whole grains (bread, pasta, tortillas)
  •  oats
  •  flaxseed
  •  quinoa


  •  salmon
  •  buffalo
  •  mackerel
  •  tilapia
  •  tuna
  •  soy products (tofu, beans, milk)

Spices & Herbs

  •  turmeric
  •  ginger
  •  cinnamon
  •  rosemary
  •  curry
  •  chive
  •  garlic
  •  basil


  •  pecans
  •  walnuts
  •  almonds
  •  hazelnuts
  •  flaxseed/flaxseed oil
  •  olive oil
  •  canola oil


  •  dark chocolate


  •  green tea
  •  ginger tea
  •  red wine (1 glass/day)