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Julie Foote
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30% more protein and is higher in iron...
Bison is the original, healthy red meat. Delicious and nutritious!

Do you like to know where the food your family is eating comes from and what's in it?

TenderBisonBabe products are organic grass fed bison which has a richer taste than beef.

It's also much healthier for you than other proteins. With lower saturated fats and 6x's the omega-3s, our bison is known for it's fat blockers and anti-carcinogens!

Found a tasty new way to prepare TenderBisonBabe Tomahawk Steaks, Reverse Sear.
- Brush with a light coat of canola oil and moderately season
- Put in oven or smoker at 250* for 1 hour or till 125* internal temp
- Brush with melted butter and reseason
- Put on a HOT grill for 3 minutes per side
- Let it rest (DO NOT CUT) for 10 minutes
- Enjoy a fully cooked yet rare and tender steak

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

To Order Contact Julie J. Foote
(507) 360-9651 julie@tenderbisonbabe.com
34041 780th St., Worthington, MN  56187

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