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The Old Testament, a overview
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Sources for this study (link this site)

Genesis-Names for God!
Genesis 1:1
God's power and might
Genesis 2:4
God's proper name
El Elyon
Genesis 14:17-20
God most high
El Shaddai
Genesis 17:1
All powerful God

Yahweh Yirah

Genesis 22:14

God will provide


The Old Testament


Before the mountains were born


    or you brought forth the earth and the world,


    from everlasting to everlasting you are God.”


Ps 90:2 NIV



Is the Old Testament relevant to a modern day Christian?


New Testament writers quote extensively from the Old Testament.  Every book in the New Testament refers to specific scriptures from the Old Testament.  For example, the Gospel of Matthew has 96 specific Old Testament quotations.  Revelation has the most with 249 specific quotations.  Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament, often quotes from the Old Testament.  In Romans, Paul uses 74 Old Testament quotes.  The New Testament borrows from the old a total of 855 times.  We will see that the Old Testament writers anticipate, predict, and picture Christ through prophecy.  They provide the historical setting and roots of our faith.  Biographical studies, such as the life of Abraham, or perhaps Ruth, provide insight into the character God values.  Proverbs provides wisdom in how to live a wise and good life.  Psalms teach us how to praise God. 


The whole Bible is really about Jesus.  Jesus can be found in each and every book.  So, when you read the Bible, look for Jesus.  In John 5:39-40, Jesus spoke about the scriptures that are now we call the call the Old Testament.  Jesus said these scriptures "testify about me."   He is in the Old Testamen.  So search for Him as you study.


"You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life." John 5:39-40 NIV


General:  The Old Testament is composed of 39 books; 17 are historical, 5 are poetic, and 17 prophetic.  This history portion of the Bible composes about 47%.  The poetic portions compose another 23%.  The remaining 31% is devoted to prophecy. 


The Pentateuch is the Greek name given to the first five books of the Bible written by Moses.  Pentateuch means, in Greek, the first “five volumes.”  The latter portions, about the death of Moses, may have been written by Ezra..  These books are also termed the “law,” or, in Hebrew, the Torah.  Jews write them out on a ‘single scroll.’  These books are separated, in the Christian Bible, into Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, and Deuteronomy.


Genesis Chapter 1-11 are a history of the beginnings of humanity.  In Chapter 12,  the Bible begins to report the history of one family and all the things God has done through them.  This is the history of the family of Abraham and his generations.  For out of the family of Abraham comes Jesus Christ.  There is prophesy of Jesus throughout the so called Old Testament.  We see the fullfillment of His phophecy beginning in the Book of Matthew.


“Some think that the stories about Abraham were made up.  But archaeology makes it clear these stories contain authentic details.  For instance, the raiding route that kings are said to have followed in Genesis 14 really was used two thousand years before Christ.  Laws and marriage contracts dating from Abraham’s time indicate Sarah’s offer of her slave Hagar to Abraham, so that Abraham could have a son, was a common practice at that time.  A person making up these stories hundreds of years later would not have been able to include so many authentic details.”  The Bible:  A smart guide,”  Richards, p. 17.)



The New Testament is the Christ revealed.  The Old Testament is Christ concealed.


In the Old Testament Christ is:                      In the New Testament Christ is:

     Concealed                                                                         Revealed

     Anticipated                                                                        Acknowledged

     Contained                                                                          Explained

     Promised                                                                            Proclaimed

     Pictured                                                                              Present

     Predicted                                                                            Fulfilled


Sections of the Old Testament


The Law--------------Foundation for Christ

History----------------Preparation for Christ

Poetry-----------------Aspiration for Christ

Prophecy------------Expectation of Christ


From:  "The Knowing Jesus Study Bible" (NIV), the Zondervan Corporation, 1999.


Genesis is a Greek word that means  “origin” or “beginning.” 


I spent about a year, in a men’s small group bible study group, studying the book of Genesis.  My oldest son had several classes with a rabbi , at the University of Iowa, who said he had studied the book of Genesis for 23 years.  There is a lot there and it is an obvious place to start in Bible study.  In this simple study, we will mostly give an overview of Genesis.  But in some areas, we will go into bone crushing detail.


Pastor John Hagee, a well-known writer especially regarding prophecy, states in “Knowing the secrets of God,” Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2000) there are 30 revelations of truth in Genesis (p. XV).  Look for them as you read Genesis.  I list some of them: 1. God is a Trinity; 2. Every individual must be tested; 3. satan is a real being; 4. Salvation always requires the shedding of blood; 5. Good works cannot hide your sin, 6. Believers will not go thru the Judgment; 7. God will honor those who honor authority;  8, We are justified by faith, 9. The promised Son will be delivered from death; 10. Prayer has real power; 11. The two trees represent the story of man’s fall and God’s redemption; 12. God will discipline erring believers; 13, the life of Enoch vividly portrays the Rapture, 14. The anti-Christ is satan’s seed.  And 15, the story of Joseph pictures Christ’s second coming.  If you want to read his study of them in detail, this book is widely available and a good read.

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The Matthew Henry I read has a copyright date of 1997.  It was written centuries earlier so the copyright date is misleading.  The online version is significantly different and relects much less editing.  Both are useful.


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